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Richmond Family Magazine

"High-energy musical offers laughs and tears!"
"Breast in Show masterfully blends comedy with tragedy!"

Celia Wren

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Lively!  Snappy!  Clever!"

Show Biz Radio

“Unique! Humorous!  Touching!”

Lillie D Shockney, RN., BS., MAS

Administrative Director Distinguished Service Associate Professor of Breast Cancer Associate Professor, JHU School of Medicine, Depts of Surgery and Gynecology

I'm very enthused about the upcoming event, Breast in Show. Not only am I thrilled to have part of my own personal journey as part of the monologue, but I also have watched this program develop from its inception. The audience has a real opportunity to be entertained as well as get a sense of all of the emotions that accompany the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. shock. dismay. empowerment. inspiration. even humor. This event falls on my birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating it as a member of the audience! Proceeds support future patients who will one day end up wearing my bra...

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

Professional coach, speaker and author of Creating Your Best Life

If you miss being one of the first attendees of 'Breast in Show,' you will miss making a difference in a disease that still claims too many lives, but you will also miss seeing a show that has all of the makings of the next Broadway hit.

Jim Mahaffie

Principle, Mahaffie Marketing LLC

I am sure that Breast In Show will be a hit, because of Eileen Mitchard's amazing will and spirit. I have worked with Eileen for more than 10 years and, if anyone can take a vision and turn it into an entertaining show that has impact, she certainly can do so. I've seen her do it time and again and the results are always remarkable.

Beverly Hummel

I have performed with and for Eileen Mitchard for over 20 years. She is a visionary that inspires performers and excites audiences year after year.

Lynn Sharp Spears

This is an amazing gathering of incredibly talented people, brought together to create for a much needed cause; Breast Cancer Research. Cudos to them for their wonderful creation and wishes for success.

John Porter

"Powerful and funny!"

"I hope the limited run production will not be lost in the avalanche of good theatre  that has been running around Richmond. Make the time to check this out."

Angela Brown

Heard of it purely by chance from a friend on the day of the last performance or I would be telling all my friends to go see it. Most enjoyable, fun, well performed, and yet thought provoking play I think I have ever seen.  perfectly cast (so engaging and they could so sing!), choreographed, EVERYTHING was just right, plenty of humor and never a dull moment.

Love it all, from  the phone call and doctor visits, to Freddie's prosthetic emporium, the deep importance of the caring chemo provider, to the beautiful ending with the letters sent after death, cycling back to the generational aspect since Chesea had lost her own mother to breast cancer. Nice to see a positive employer role modeled too. Every time I tried to think who was the standout cast member it would switch to another one, they were all such wonderful characters and performers. Thank you SO much for this. Now can you just put it on PBS and have it shown to everyone in medical or nursing school, or who otherwise breathes?

Such a relevant topic. My husband died of it just as our son was graduating from high school. Thankfully I have never needed treatment but it almost feels like part of being female in America, such a part of our culture...

Georgeann Broth

This show is wonderful, every human should experience this intelligent, embrassing, entertaining, great theater piece, it will enrich your life. Please consider if you can find a way to support this show and find new venues to perform this important work....THANKS